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Can divide by the purpose to emigrate and be not immigrant visa. Immigrant visa is to allow the license with another permanent and resident country. Be not immigrant visa to be divided again to go sightseeing travel, business affairs, study abroad, the job, groom, visit one's family visit friend to wait.
Can divide by visa style for
Section of ● seal visa builds the visa page in the passport to go up directly.
● paster visa imprints on paper of not dry glue, next again stickup go up in the visa page of the passport.
Other paper visa does ● to go up in other paper, become an alone file, but must cooperate to use ability with the passport effective.
Can divide character by setup for visa of pass through the territory of a country and entry visa.
Can divide by the number for individual visa and group visa
Individual visa is opposite only namely the visa with individual passport significant holder.
Group visa is be opposite two or the visa with the passport significant holder of two above.
Except all sorts of visa that lift with the above-listed outside, still have visa of a kind of be born. Be born visa is to be in those who arrive at another country to enter a country the visa that the spot after port sends. Be born autograph is a kind of favourable pay.

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