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3 inferior inferior Long Wan holiday goes vacationing hotel

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Inferior dragon bay holiday goes vacationing the hotel is located in inferior travel of Long Wan country goes vacationing inside the area, have complete China the beach of the whitest soft and azure clear water. The hotel is apart from the airport to need car Cheng 30 minutes only.
The hotel has guest room of floor of hill scene, seascape, flatlet, administration to wait for 358 / set. Independent toilet, air conditioning, international all is had inside the room / domestic phone direct dial, confuse you, all ready establishment such as TV of blower, safe, satellite, electric iron, launder board, alarm clock, radio. The hotel still sets 5 small function office, the seascape that window of its special be born type lets rhyme is clinking all receives eye ground, suit miniature reception and conference particularly. Have equipment of the most advanced education of seeing and hearing, machine of big screen colour television, make type videocorder more, radio microphone, multimedia projector, epidiascope, the activity hangs chipboard, white board reach speech stage, have everything that one expects to find.

* on the weekend time limits * On Friday- - on Saturday

2001 practice

3 inferior inferior Long Wan holiday goes vacationing wine merchant wants establishment:
Meal establishment: Face archives - cooked wheaten food of each country gust, china hall - dish of new group another name for Guangdong Province, outdoor cate - Oriental Hawaiian amorous feelings, coffee hall - Europe land cate.
Recreational establishment: Field of Tsinghua recreation center, golf, tennis, gym, have 3 inferior center of the first intertropical hydrotherapy
Service facilities: Business affairs center, travel service center

3 inferior inferior Long Wan holiday goes vacationing hotel other information:
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