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3 inferior Shan Haitian big public house

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3 inferior Shan Haitian big public houseBe located in famous city of travel of our country tropics 3 inferior beauty spot of city's famous big the East China Sea, beautiful deer turns round downhill sea union is in the foot. Hotel park, beach and square cover an area of more than mus 40, kind have of all kinds nursery stock 2000 more than individual plant, soddy 33 thousand square metre, sufficient body reveals intertropical seaside scene. The hotel has a style flatlet of the garden room of each different, seascape room, luxurious seascape room, honeymoon room, administration, luxurious seascape flatlet in all 203. Decorous and recreational adornment style, the guest room with top-ranking establishment deserves to have can become independent in the center of pilot TV of air conditioning, satellite, dry hair implement, confuse you dryer, safe, confuse you wait for establishment. Hall of sea embroider Chinese meal by renown hutch advocate manage is authentic seafood of dish of another name for Guangdong Province, of all kinds, and the gust cate of north and south of assemble great river. Triumphant scatter Western-style food hall, advocate Western-style food of tradition of battalion Europe land and food of southeast Asia characteristic. Watch sea garden dining-room, coconut tree sets off one another the dining-room of the garden that watch the sea under, be in big fast bright while, all can enjoy the beautiful scenery of big the East China Sea. Dining room of rich cherry day, all show characteristic food of Japan, deserve to serve with food of type of complete set day, have 5 styles the bar of each different.

1998 practice

3 inferior merchant of Shan Haitian old wine wants establishment:
Meal establishment: The hotel has another name for Guangdong Province, rash, the gust dish such as raise of the Huaihe River
Recreational establishment: The hotel has the recreation such as beach project, bowling, billiards, ping-pong, mahjong, sauna, swimming-pool, gym, beauty parlour, bazaar to consume a place.
Service facilities: Business affairs center, travel serves

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