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3 inferior day region goes vacationing hotel

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Day region goes vacationing the hotel reposes at China most Hainan island of Na Duan 3 inferior city inferior in Lin Zhi of coco of Long Wan seaside. In the natural beautiful scenery of the Oriental culture Yu Zui's person with hotel old be in harmony, be apart from big talk 270 kilometers. The hotel has of all kinds guest room 360, among them room of advanced garden scene 105, advanced seascape room 166, luxurious seascape room 69, advanced seascape flatlet 14, luxurious seascape flatlet 4, flatlet of luxurious honoured guest 1, presidential flatlet 1. Deserve to the cane makes family property inside guest room, confuse you, program of kinescope of TV of satellite of regulating system of safe, hair dryer, ceiling fan, central air, China and foreign countries, hotel, internet. Hotel meal establishment is all ready, have center of Tao Xuan, coco, old hall, cabinet of collect folk songs, Gao Liting, dish of each country gust have everything that one expects to find. The hotel still deserves to have swim pool, knight, hall of billow singing and dancing.

* on the weekend time limits * on Friday - on Saturday

1998 practice Decorated 2003

3 inferior day region goes vacationing wine merchant wants establishment:
Meal establishment: Center of Tao Xuan, coco, old hall, cabinet of collect folk songs, Gao Liting, swim pool, knight, Xin Tianchuan flavour resides hall of billow singing and dancing dining-room, advocate gust of battalion plain dish, can accommodate 40 people to dine at the same time
Recreational establishment: Beach volleyball, football, archery, country car, two lamplight tennis court, flower type / beautiful type billiards, ping-pong, 18 holes golf field, mahjong, chess card room, adventure playground
Service facilities: Business affairs center, airport is received send, travel arrangement, baggage check, postal service, airline ticket business, change foreign currency, hairdressing beautifies hair, high-quality goods shopping inn, parking lot, infirmary, the broadband inside the room gets online freely

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