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3 inferior big public house of coconut forest beach

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3 inferior big public house of coconut forest beachBe located in 3 inferior the central position of the bay, the gardens of You Xiaoqiao running water and strewn at random have 16 villatic composition that send. Hainan island is unique herbaceous sweet fume hydrotherapy center (SPA) , 3 modelling of each different swim pool, the activity on exciting water, characteristic eats late at night, adventure playground, golf exercise field, you have bowling house …… to be enjoyed in big public house of coconut forest beach only.

2001 practice

3 inferior merchant of old wine of coconut forest beach wants establishment:
Meal establishment: Hall of Chinese meal of home of hall of sweetgrass coffee hall, coconut wind Chinese meal, fishing, inferior fine inferior cate, palmy garden barbecue,
Recreational establishment: Yellow chili bar, Olympic, hot spring, water of Hai Yun barbecue, dreamy nightclub is recreational establishment: Hydrotherapy center, gym, hairdressing beautifies hair, carry is moved on volleyball of field of exercise of hall of dreamy singing and dancing, bowling house, ping-pong, mahjong, golf, beach, football and water.
Service facilities: Business affairs center, the broadband gets online

3 inferior information of other of big public house of coconut forest beach:
Contact a phone: 0898-88331888
Hotel address: 3 inferior 3 inferior bay
Traffic a sector of an area: The hotel is apart from the distance that the airport has 7 minutes only, downtown 15 minutes, the hotel comes travel tourist attraction is farthermost the distance that also has 20 minutes only.

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