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3 inferior beautiful spring hot spring goes vacationing hotel

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3 inferior beautiful spring hot spring goes vacationing hotelBe spread out by Hainan grand industrial investment limited company invests build, couplet of company of broker of model of road of first as new as China silk sleeves make beautiful NO.1, give priority to a problem with beautiful culture go vacationing hotel of type property right. The hotel is located in 3 inferior the bay goes vacationing area phoenix highway, be close to scene charming and gentle 3 inferior ” of a covered corridor or walk of dream of bay “ coco, be apart from a seaside 1000 meters, be apart from phoenix International Airport 3 minutes distance, be apart from the remotest corners of the earth 8 minutes distance, be apart from the urban district 15 minutes distance, communication is easy. The hotel covers an area of a face to accumulate 20288 square metre, floor area 33000 more than square metre. The design is unique, style grace, recreational, peaceful, ramble at pontoon of hotel hot spring, brook, swing chair between, by admire heart of embellish of by night wash one's hair, one water like that. The landscape balcony of guest room is more small drink one drink, admire hill, sea, round Lin Jing to watch, 2 raise a heart recreational and comfortable, all without exception reveals hot island amorous feelings, romance only beautiful. The hotel is had luxurious / seascape / standard (set) the guest room of each a surname such as flatlet of close month of room, husband and wife in all 560 (set) , everything needed is ready of the establishment inside the room, meal of collect of establishment of form a complete set, recreation, hot spring, conference, shop be equal to an organic whole and moon of the seascape in initiate sky, balcony of chess card room, automatic mahjong room, KTV, let you have true island amorous feelings recreational holiday.

* hotel needs collection RMB9 yuan / person / fund of late section of governmental price one's style of work as well as one's moral quality.
In September 2005 practice

3 inferior beautiful spring hot spring goes vacationing wine merchant wants establishment:
Meal establishment: Chinese meal hall, Western-style food hall
Recreational establishment: Swim, sauna, card pulls OK, hairdressing to beautify hair, table tennis, massage, ping-pong
Service facilities: Business affairs center, bazaar, parking lot

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