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3 inferior grand continent Aiderui goes vacationing hotel

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3 inferior grand continent Aiderui goes vacationing hotelIt is You Hongzhou the international of ” of “ times coast that group your kind effort makes is recreational go vacationing in harbor head those who push is luxurious hotel of brand of 5 stars class, by Aiderui full-fledged member of international hotel group is managed, be 3 inferior exclusive landscape of a hill, river, sea is luxurious business affairs, recreational go vacationing amphibious hotel. 390 decorate illuminative flatlet compose meticulously to go out 3 inferior the lively movement of hotel of the first flatlet; Luxurious banqueting hall and personalized major serve the business affairs conference that lets you to those who surmount international is experience; Luxurious Chinese meal, sweet Asian cate Western-style food, a covered corridor or walk of romantic riverside barbecue, bar, the marrow of cate of Chinese and Western is deduced incessant3 inferior grand continent Aiderui goes vacationing hotelculture; Cigar let you be in appreciate beauty easily 3 inferior of the river satisfied in the meaning that experiences riches and honour; The dream that club of houseboat name car can carry you and you more hovers together ……

Practice time on December 1, 2005

3 inferior grand continent Aiderui goes vacationing wine merchant wants establishment:
Meal establishment: Hall of Asian cate Western-style food; Hall of barbecue bar cate; Boat of the seafood on the river; Chinese meal hall.
Recreational establishment: Fitness, swim, chess card, sauna, card pulls OK hairdressing to beautify hair, table tennis, massage, yacht club of car of nightclub, tennis, ping-pong, name
Service facilities: Business affairs center, hire Wu of car, ticket, washhouse, bazaar, parking lot.

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