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3 inferior south hill greets guesthouse

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3 inferior south hill greets guesthouseBe located in south area of scene of national 4A class inside area of hill culture travel, be apart from 3 inferior the urban district 42 kilometers, be apart from 3 inferior phoenix International Airport 30 kilometers, invest build by level of 5 stars grade. Hotel is located on the clever golden hill with fresh and green bodhi, yao of icon of as maritime as 108 meters of Nashan avalokitesvara is opposite. Clever golden hill is the biggest bodhi garden on eye preexistence bound. Budda of according to legend is realized below banyan, in rambling bodhi garden, can view and admire the distinctive gardens beautiful scenery, concealed ease that comprehends the profound and delicate, experience of buddhist meaning to be far from hubbub to live. Hotel building is Tang Dynasty style, 15 villa are strewn at random among them. Share more than 270 various guest room, every guest room all deserves to have the independent platform that watch the sea, overlook sea nature is uniform, blue waves 10 thousand lis. Into do obeisance to avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, fu Ze of Sukhavati of wash one's hair. Island of hotel space King Kong is maritime sightseeing houseboat dock only 400 meters, establishment of form a complete set is complete, have the dining room of room of complete seascape element that can accommodate 800 people repast at the same time, advocate the Chinese meal hall that Yang Cai is battalion the Huaihe River, meeting that can accommodate 1000 people at the same time exhibits card of room of house of center, tea art, billiards, chess room, gym. It is your sightseeing is visited, recreational the Sukhavati outside the world that go vacationing.

3 inferior south Shan Yingbin house is main establishment:
Meal establishment: Dish of hall of square of seascape element fast, Chinese meal, another name for Guangdong Province, seafood
Recreational establishment: Card of fitness, swimming-pool, chess, sauna, hairdressing beautifies hair, table tennis, massage, nightclub, card pulls OK, assembly room to be able to accommodate 24-40 person
Service facilities: Business affairs center, hire Wu of car, ticket, bazaar, parking lot, downstage safe

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