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What is an airliner? How does airliner date set?

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What is an airliner? How does airliner date set?

What is an airliner? How does airliner date set?

The airliner is to show the plane presses formulary course to take off by starting station regularly, the carriage that the course stands to terminus via stopping or does not arrive directly at terminus flies. The airliner that flies on international course calls international the airliner, the airliner that flies on domestic line calls home the airliner.

Airliner date: Be carried to go to the lavatory and user, every airliner all is made up have number, this number is airliner date.

The regulation of airliner date: The number of international airliner is by what carry out the airline of this airliner task 2 word code and 3 arabic numeralses are comprised, among them the last number is odd person, express Cheng airliner; The person that the last number is even number, express return trip airliner.

The airliner date of Chinese home flight number is by the airline of executive airliner task 2 word code and 4 arabic numeralses are comprised, among them the airline that word of the first digit expresses to carry out this airliner task or place belong to management board, word of the 2nd digit expresses the management board that this airliner terminus belongs to, the 3rd, 4 digit word expresses an order, namely the specific number of this airliner, if word of the 4th digit is odd it is to go Cheng airliner, if be even,be return trip airliner.

Add: Each airline and place belong to management board code name

1, china International airline, china north management board; 2, northwest airline, northwest management board; 3, southern airline, shenzhen airline, guangzhou management board; 4, southwest airline, sichuan airline, yunnan airline, southwest management board; 5, oriental airline, shanghai airline, hua Na management board; 6, northward airline, shenyang management board; 7, general airline (hind be bought by Oriental airline) ; 8, xiamen airline; 9, xinjiang airline.

Note: The airliner date that domestic flight number has some of place airline also is comprise by the 2 word code of airline and 3 arabic numeralses.

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