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Partial computer operates an instruction (civil aviaton is special)

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Partial computer operates an instruction (civil aviaton is special)

1, how to switch on the mobile phone: Receive good power supply, open a modem, open monitor; If be common computer, it is to open computer, the Internet on couplet, net of the aviation on couplet, letter day swims (HTTP: / / WWW. TRAVELSKY. COM) ,

2, input working number and password:


3, how to inquire available airliner circumstance?

Instruction: AV city is right date

Exemple: AVSZXPEK9MAR (reached Beijing by Shenzhen March 9)

The city inputs the 3 word code of city of be open to navigation or air traffic to wanting, date uses English means input.

4, how to order?

Instruction: Code of cabin seat or berth of date of SD boat Duan Xu / RRX (X represents a number)

Exemple: We check the airliner that reached Beijing by Shenzhen March 9 above, should order a platoon to be in now cabin of Y of tertiary international airline 3 pieces of airline ticket, operate as follows:


5, how to input a full name?

Instruction: NM1 is surnamed / renown 1 surname / renown


The square law that asks its input input Chinese now is:

NM1 plum makes the same score 1 piece 3

6, input connection group: (have two kinds of methods)

The first kind of method: CT contacts a phone, exemple CT7553632508 can add size of electrify word area here, also need not add size of electrify word area, inputting telephone number is agent of the announcement below the circumstance that convenient airline changes in the airliner.

The 2nd kind of method: C: N,

7, input; of v/arc a firm exchange and transfer of money

Instruction: V/arc a firm exchange and transfer of money of TKT airline ticket (airline ticket v/arc a firm exchange and transfer of money is 10 digit commonly) ,

Exemple: TKT6024561924

8, heal, produce computer code; namely

Key in that symbol that the number bolts 2 go up, it is heal.

Computer code is 5 when be combined jointly by English letter and arabic numerals and become mixture body, its besides include 4 afore-mentioned content (passenger full name, range, contact a phone, v/arc a firm exchange and transfer of money) beyond, still include to order a place that uses computer to belong to an unit, the uniform number of this computer. Computer code is to be in 5 after passenger full name to mix cease.
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