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Hefei opening of Kunming Sanya viation and rail passenger transport lines to fig

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Recently opened in Hefei in Hefei, a bus station the bus to Kunming, running nearly 30 hours across the board. Meanwhile, another long-distance bus terminal in Hefei has further opened to Sanya bus, take 36 hours or so to arrive, this tour bus has become the first trip across the sea in our province is currently a car class lines. In the dual high-speed rail and air pressure, Hefei why also opened the coach class line so far? This reporter conducted a survey yesterday.

"Betting" migrant workers and travelers

Business class line from Hefei to the bus station in Kunming, a responsible person, at present, this class is 50% attendance lines, while the opening lines of this class for two reasons, one is the station had to do had a passenger survey and found that workers in Hefei Yunnan particularly the passenger's demand relatively large; other hand, with the improvement of living conditions of people in Hefei, more and more people travel, and Kunming is a tourist city , open such a line, but also to meet the needs of this segment.

Business class line from Hefei to Sanya bus station official said that the opening line of this long-distance classes, because short-distance transport by other transport means of extrusion, "We hope to develop new lines to attract passengers. Although the class line in Sanya Only 40% attendance, but the person in charge is still optimistic.

"Price war" can not be sure of success

It is understood that the bus ticket to Hefei to 560 yuan Sanya to Haikou to 500 yuan to 528 yuan to Kunming. Meanwhile, reporters from a professional airline ticket booking site that, at present, to Haikou Hefei, the lowest ticket prices of only 540 yuan, the lowest airline tickets to Sanya Hefei, 680 yuan, and 3.5-fold in Hefei flights to Kunming, as long as 580 yuan. So, in the case of no discount, the price advantage of a great car. If booking in advance to buy discount tickets, car advantage is not large.

But the business class line Sanya bus station head still confident: "We are not only passenger in Hefei." He believes that through many parts of the car has features, Hefei surrounding areas, as well as intermediate stations are a long line of them the source region.

Ultimately benefit consumers

With the motor car and opened the high iron and the frequency increased gradually, to the passenger and cargo market is a big impact. More abundant around the passenger flow, logistics, in the end who can "conquer the world?"

An industry that will lead to upgrading the railway service road upgrade; the other hand, the aircraft will be the price down, "ultimately would be convenient and efficient services to consumers.

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