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Dong Hang ensures on-the-spot record of airliner of go on a pilgrimage of Moslem

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The Lanzhou December already entered cold winter, north wind make sth dry or cool, cool meaning raids a person. But in coming to Lanzhou when you plain of the airport when awaiting machine hall, can discover picture another time, here is bustling, voice noisy and confused. Original, the brethren that has many 200 Moslem is about to ascend Dong Hang 5011 airliners, head for go on a pilgrimage of Medina of the Holy City. To every Haji, heading for go on a pilgrimage of the Holy City is the dream of lifetime and mission. When this one hour is forthcoming, everybody cannot restrain the excited feeling in the heart, wish one pace flies to Medina.

This for safeguard the victory of charter flight task undertakes, dong Hang select the most first-class unit staff, the type that sent A340-300 hold fly. Be worth what carry is the steward all of one suit that attends flight of task of this charter flight is male by, so designed arrangement is to assure airliner passenger comfortable with safety, after all the Ha Ji of embarkation people, already passed fifty years old, a lot of people had not experienced the flight in such long-distance sky.

Board the plane begin, a lot of Moslem old people carried many articles for daily use. As a result of the relation of the age, their action is slow, then good man of Dong Hang people positive action rises, developed the advantage of force adequately, pickaback is portable, the baggage old people arrangement is appropriate, make sure the airliner takes off smoothly.

As a result of Lanzhou -- the flight time of Medina is close, there are many Moslem passengers on machine not quite suit, very nervous. The equestrian colonel that then cabin manager Sun Quan invites a group introduces the little common sense that seize the opportunity to everybody. Familiar dialect rings in cabin, ha Ji people loosen slowly come down. Be in next in airliner service, before boys are busy busy hind, upright tea sends water, support sb with hand the old person of action inconvenience uses closet, the Ha Jifang that rests for need issues seat back of a chair, and the blanket on gently lid. Filling in when CIQ form, because be complete,be English and Arabic, to old people it is a big difficult problem, then groups small people collectivity dispatchs, fill in for one by one of many 200 passenger. After the event, everybody is kneading the artifice of ache slightly, play said to be become today printer! Of steward attentive with enthusiasm, the brethrens that are Moslem brought a happy, unforgettable range.

After arriving at Medina, every Ha Ji is in when leaving a plane, served cordial acknowledgment and blessing to steward. Look in them, compared with elder people senior fellow wades, the road of the hardships of cross of all previous classics, today's flight is extremely happy journey really. "Thank a party, thank a government, thank Dong Hang, hope to come back to still can build your plane. " the parting advise of equestrian colonel is simple honest, represented however at that time the excited mood of everybody. To everybody, today's airliner is a paragraph unforgettable itinerary.
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