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Denmark is planted how does the pig touch big talk via flight of ten hours airpo

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Graph 1: Locomotive Denmark is planted 747 cargo aircraft arrive at the Na Hangbo sound of the pig big talk is beautiful orchid airport

On December 14 midday 12:49, by big talk of non-stop flight to of Danish Copenhagen airport the CZ436 name flight number of the International Airport passes United States orchid the flight of more than 10 hours, eventually safe be born. On machine 528 are planted the pig is safe and sound, they will from now on settle Hainan.

Introduce and carry of the pig to be planted this, big talk is beautiful orchid the airport did sufficient preparation. Because be Boeing,747 cargo aircraft are to fly to big talk for the first time airport of United States orchid, the airport respect harmony from whole activity, assist military vehicle enter the arena, car of outfit of car disinfection, cargo aircraft safeguard, direct, reserve a lot of problem such as the preparation of the seat number examines with Hainan province for many times trade of labour of quarantine bureau, big talk farming (collect Niu Shan) , did elaborate arrangement, to be planted this the pig is introduced offer all advantage condition and assist, also got trade of labour of big talk farming (Luo Niu hill) of Inc. speak very highly of.

Graph 2: Kind of introduced pig uninstalling

Graph 3: Airport freight transport is planting one case case pig mount comes round to assist the on carried military vehicle

Graph 4: Trade of labour of big talk farming (Luo Niu hill) the Denmark that in big talk beauty orchid airport holds news news briefing to introduce to be introduced this to Hainan reporter plants Inc. pig circumstance

Graph 5: Collect ox hill is planted the poster that pig breeding limited company introduces Danish pig
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