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3 gorge airport finishs Yichang 6 years recruit military transport ensures the t

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On December 16 morning 9 when 46 minutes, be fully loaded with 149 officers and soldiers as airliner of Oriental airline MU2471K from Yichang 3 gorge airport takes off smoothly, so far, yichang 3 gorge airport with safe, high grade, efficient service, finished You Yichang satisfactorily the traffic of military affairs of 2006 year recruit to big talk carries safeguard task.

Good to do this recruit military transport works, 3 gorge airport basically leads Yichang the organization is stationed in military affairs of navigational fairs of Yichang the Yangtse River to represent boat of agency, Yichang to be in charge of the unit such as substation of public security of station, Oriental airline, airport to hold special subject conference, the standard runs safeguard program, ensure working duty clearly.

3 gorge airport is Yichang recruit open up install check special passageway, hall of special open international is awaited for recruit machine, each preparation that ensures an unit to do good international hall actively to set out each works. Recruit is in await when machine, the ground served department clerk to offer tea service for every recruit; Before before leaving, 3 gorge airport returned Yichang to give home town sweet orange for all officers and soldiers, let officers and soldiers experience Yichang the warmth of 3 gorge airport. Because a lot of recruit are to take a plane for the first time, their mood is unusually excited, the recruit king large that is about to hurry off to Hainan to enlist in army says excitedly: "Did not think of one enrollment sits this year really got on a plane, the airport cares us so again, the great expectations of people of home town of our scarcely disappoint, will practice hard competence to army hind, strive for beautiful accomplishment, for add lustre to of home town people. "

What this recruit military transport ensures the task is satisfactory finish, examined 3 gorge airport is in Yichang the reaction ability that special mission carries out below specific environment, compose traffic of military affairs of 3 gorge airport carries Yichang working new page. National defence of service of 3 gorge airport builds Yichang, finish recruit satisfactorily to carry the task, got Nanhai fleet goes to Hubei to receive the General Logistics Department of troops division division commander, the Chinese People's Liberation Army army the sufficient affirmation that hands in military affairs of navigational fairs of the Yangtse River of Department of Transportation to represent agency director Su Xiaoming and speak very highly of.
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