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Boat Xinjiang grooms south the center holds cabin special case analysis grooms

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"Steward, you come over, you see this there is a how old stone in rice, the tooth me cough up is bad, compensate for at once... " ; "You do not understand, my mobile phone is the mode in sky, need not shut at all, you say more again, I complain you... " ; "Does light say to I am sorry useful? It is really from the back the baggage when that passenger opens lodge breaks me go up, but do you want an examination to reach the designated position can you produce such thing? Call you to grow by Wu! " ... how to answer a thing, why does special situation of so much happen on this airliner? "Classmates, afore-mentioned circumstances are encountered in the airliner when you when, capable to solve these problems satisfactorily, can you be in proper when will use statute protect his rights and interests? Resemble the first case, we can explain so and handle... " so this is in Na Hang Xinjiang branch grooms the center is special a classroom of the setting -- imitate " airliner " , broad steward people the special subject that accepting compensation of cabin case analysis, processing and legal liability grooms.

As the ceaseless development of branch of Na Hang Xinjiang, expand of aircraft group dimensions ceaselessly, the amount of the personnel that multiply Wu also is increasing ceaselessly, this brought about steward to appear on age level not only acting channel, also appeared on working experience administrative levels sex, and although be those who be the same as level together,grow by Wu or steward, there also is difference on the ability that handles a problem. This kind of contradictory occurrence, what body serves a standard namely on the airliner now is skimble-scamble. The leader that is this cabin ministry undertook an analysis technically, think to solve the method with this the most active issue besides undertake in time on the airliner be supervised effectively and administrative, more important is the actual combat experience that should strengthen the personnel that multiply Wu, make their service skill gets consolidating ceaselessly with promotion.

Came 8 days on December 4 then in the time of a week of by a definite date, boat Xinjiang branch grooms south the center invited those who having rich practice experience and education level technically to multiply Wu major teacher and legal major personage give steward people undertook grooming, pass the imitate education of pair of particular case, undertake analytic explaining, made clear a few cabin of special event deal with principle, program and relevant legal knowledge, guide steward people should learn to serve lawfully, and be good at apply good communication skill, will dissolve service crisis with ability of agile meet an emergency, utmost ground reduces the bad influence that special event brings to passenger, aircrew and company.
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