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Base of boat Kunming maintenance undertakes east " white-collar love reason " th

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On December 16, 2006, in Kunming international exhibition center inside 2 exhibition halls, by daily of Yunnan province the Women's Federation, Yunnan group signing up for course of study is sponsorred, base of boat Kunming maintenance undertakes east " white-collar love reason fine time " the large activity that hand in friend rings down the curtain satisfactorily.

The Liu Xiaodong of Party committee vice secretary that the reporter in the activity interviewed base of Dong Hangkun Ming Weixiu. Liu Xiaodong vice secretary says: "Our company is outstanding, our staff is quite first-class also. Machine Wu employee is graduated from university of industry of university of civil aviaton of Beijing aerospace university, Nanjing aerospace university, China, northwest to wait for key school mostly, comprised company business grog, seasoned machine Wu to maintain a team; Steward by Chinese, Yi, white, Dai, time wait for many nations composition, they respect course of study to love hillock, figure good, "Golden peacock " the title that crew ever obtained countrywide young person is civilized date and whole nation " 51 " labor is numismatic; Air man technology is excellent, flight department has been had the honor to win " countrywide civil aviaton is advanced and collective " title; Ground service ministry advocates " satisfactory service prep above everything " service concept, ever also was awarded the whole nation by glory " 51 " labor is numismatic. Come for years, they are hardworking, not plan gain and loss, dedicate silently to go up in respective post, the saltant sex that drove a company to realize an again and again develops. Employee paid so much for the company, the company also should be employee consider, it is the working environment that has offerred for employee and pay pay not only, and the life that cares employee even and individual problem, enhance the personnel attributive move to the company. "

This the activity still invited other company to participate in among them, mobile character and class rose on older rate. The activity is successful, this is the competition of company actual strength not only, it is the talent's competition more. Like the branch austral Dong Hangyun this is planted can be considerate is what the enterprise of employee consider can get employee and society certainly to approbate.

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