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Beijing capital International Airport transforms perfect liaison man to guide a

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Recently, a few media reported Beijing capital International Airport guides the phenomenon of black lead the way of the problem of the label and existence, caused the airport height of relevant management department takes seriously. Inc. of Beijing capital International Airport (the following abbreviation " airport share " ) , the airport hands in tubal branch to invite Beijing to hand in tubal bureau expert to came to capital airport on December 5, circumjacent to boat station building label undertakes on-the-spot survey. After each expert is proved adequately, put forward the feasibility opinion that traffic guiding label transforms. Subsequently, airport share and airport hand in tubal branch to talk things over for many times communicate, plan to be added newly, change and dismiss periphery of boat station building guides mark card 15, plan near future is finished.

Issue of transportation of Beijing capital International Airport is the key that airport share works all the time. But as a result of airport road network mouth of complex, across is concentrated and be stationed in an unit much, what connect a label to airport traffic processing and best friend is perfect brought greater difficulty. For this, begin from October, airport share begins to engineer with " how to solve issue of transportation of airport land side " give priority to a problem " seminar of traffic of side of land of International Airport of 2006 Beijing capital " , pulled open heavy curtain formally on December 1, 2006. Beijing hands in tubal bureau, Beijing to carry bureau, Beijing municipal courtyard, Beijing is handed in grind substation of public security of airport of limited company of development of road of high speed of capital of center, Beijing, capital hands in detachment of make one's rounds to wait for an unit leader and expert assemble in, in all issue of transportation of side of land of business chance field. On the meeting, be aimed at problem of airport traffic label, the difficulty that each expert is faced with to the airport gives understanding, point out at the same time, below existing road network position, airport traffic label can abide by human nature to change the concept of the design, raise those who guide a label to differentiate as far as possible rate, make come to the airport for the first time the passenger is right perhaps airport road network the passenger can see unfamiliar thoroughly, differentiate is gotten bright.

On the foundation that already had the job, the traffic before airport share will continue to perfect boat station building marks, perfect life division, work area and the guiding that are stationed in an unit mark, improve environment of traffic of airport land side thereby, raise the quality that the passenger serves.

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