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Boat northwest maintains base course ministry to eliminate deice car breakdown s

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Recently, workshop of special purpose vehicle eliminates ministry of course of base of maintenance of branch of Dong Hang northwest successfully breakdown of 253 deice car, for winter deice / snow / frost job offerred strong safeguard.

On December 15 before boat, the 253 deice car of workshop of special purpose vehicle is undertaking ministry of this base course when defrost works, sudden mechanical failure. This workshop has two deice car only, if cannot seasonable rush to repair, will serious effect is divided / anti-icing the job goes on wheels. This workshop is on duty that day cadre Pan Xi Feng organizes personnel to undertake rush to repair instantly. 253 deice car is entrance car, never had repaired personnel. Then, everybody consults carefully relevant data, serious analysis, combine the experience that accumulates in long-term job, think below footplate of deice car spray gun one spherical and one-way valve is dead finally truly. After breakdown reason is affirmatory, through elaborate organization, division of labor, groups big are thrown again disassemble go in the job. Entrance car interior is tectonic to repairing personnel for, it is brand-new course, disassemble so rise working difficulty is opposite bigger. Nevertheless, everybody is not considered on eat lunch, also disregard deice fluid to asperse the chill that goes up personally, work actively. Through the successive job of two many hours, control valve is torn open eventually came down. Subsequently, everybody undertook clearing to valve again, serious decomposing, use replace assemble, debug, after installation, the course experiments for many times everything is normal.

The successful rush to repair of deice car, ensured winter is divided / anti-icing of the job begin smoothly, what assured an airliner effectively is normal move.

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