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Yantai International Airport adopts measure actively to ensure the airliner rise

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Yantai International Airport is adopted actively answer measure, the Xue Tian that assures a passenger goes out row.

Today, yantai International Airport from personnel, equipment, goods and materials each respect undertook arranging ahead of schedule. The morning pushs snow car six times to go up track undertakes deice, push snow, progress of the job that divide snow is very great, to in the morning half airport opened an airliner to be able to rise normally at 10 o'clock fall. Heavy snow has certain influence to the airliner, boat flies to the airliner of Korea Ren Chuan east, the airliner of Ren Chuan of airline flying Korea all cancels big Han, two still has bridge of flying Shanghai rainbow airliners that cancel at the same time.

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