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Blow of branch of Na Hang Shenzhen " safe benefit year " final bugle call

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Li Yunxiang of general manager of branch of Na Hang Shenzhen emphasizes all the time: Had safety to have everything. Still have more than 10 days, boat Shenzhen branch will be obtained south successive 3 years of safety " double without " year target, this is a hour that invigorates popular feeling, na Hang issues of one mind, in step on Shenzhen branch employee, strengthen safety administration and safeguard strength, each each branches, link are producing the investment in moving the biggest energy, strove to accomplish no risk at all. In the meantime, no matter be a service,quality or maintenance safeguard were entered end of the year the condition of sprint, show a kind " time will not wait for me " high-spirited attitude, to realize blow of double bumper harvest of the safety 2006, benefit truly final bugle call.

Ensure great fortune to meet with all one's strength, examine the service ensures

In December, organizing committee of games of undergraduate of the 26th world will to Shenzhen make an on-the-spot investigation, on December 14, federation of international undergraduate sports (couplet of abbreviation cardinal principle) a 70 much people enter chairman Jilian the interviewing that Beijing accepts Premier Wen Jiabao, boat Shenzhen branch is striven for south come here the task that second private plane ensures. Hunan of Liu of vise general manager of branch of Na Hang Shenzhen judge drive personally plane, ensure ministry, cabin ministry, economy to develop the many branches such as the company in car of ground safeguard ministry, logistics give full cooperation below, this task of high standards private plane achieves complete success.

14 days of early morning 6 when, boat private plane stops a seat number south already in full swing, a gleam of that comes from each post serves and ensure personnel each with respect to everybody, shenzhen branch sends whole journey of two senior engineers technically to follow machine, in the meantime, chose 10 English quality of good, business will steward is in charge of private plane service, the breed of design and color that the eat in engine room feeds is abounded than usual a lot of, only wine water has 30 a variety of, all of many nearly 70 official enjoyed VVIP to serve, the safeguard ability to branch of Na Hang Shenzhen gave Li Hongzhong of secretary of Shenzhen municipal Party committee to speak very highly of: "No matter explain big result how, na Hang had been accomplished the most marvellous. " the success that this private plane ensures, be ability of outstanding to branch of Shenzhen of the boat austral Na Hang safeguard not only examine, at the same time great also be inspired with enthusiasm the spirit of employee, in private plane safeguard, the clasp that departmental door shows, spirit that is brave in to sacrifice lets a person touch.
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