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Lash-up rescuing drilling obtained Shenzhen airline 2006 consummation

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Graph 1: Fire control unit is faced blast in order to wait for

On December 15 morning 9:00, direct central general director to make fall as Shenzhen airline lash-up, lash-up rescuing drilling began Shenzhen airline formally 2006.

A runway slants when this second lash-up saves airliner of ZH9888 of aid drilling imitate to land in Shenzhen airport, deep boat starts rescuing program of 2 class lash-up instantly, established board of inquiry of spot rescuing group, incident, information to release group, finance affairs and legal work group, logistics to recieve head of group divide into equal parts to work, rescue " the wounded " , on evacuation machine " passenger " , release information, conciliation " family member " ... the insecurity of in an orderly way of each lash-up rescuing program undertakes. To 11:00 the left and right sides, the each unit that participates in drilling eachs doing his own job, all press lash-up beforehand record demand finished drilling.

Deep boat undertook summing up to drilling according to the concerned record of this second lash-up drilling instantly subsequently, undertook an analysis to the problem of a few detail that appears in drilling, undertake the relevant file to the company complementing perfecting this year, the safety of good with be being done further company works.

Graph 2: Cure protects of personnel spot cure

Graph 3: of the wounded of rescue of spot rescuing group

Graph 4: Unit staff withdraws

Graph 5: Urgent evacuation

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