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Service of high end of promotion of ministry of boat southwest cabin obtains the

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Boat headquarters called together the country November last year southwest branch cabin serves a ministry, special the service quality problem that blocks insider report with respect to platinum of club of bosom friend of boat of a country undertakes have an informal discussion. Boat leads the country to take this have an informal discussion seriously highly, assistant inspector general of secretary of Cai sword river and Hao jade duckweed attended the conference, serve department staff with southwest branch cabin together, undertook with the passenger of star of to bring up that mirrors a problem face-to-face communication.

Pass this have an informal discussion, passenger of star of to bring up saw a country the sincerity that boat takes high-end passenger opinion seriously and the determination that improve servive routine, still insist to take a country consequently boat airliner. Recently, passenger of star of to bring up gives a country boat southwest general manager of department of branch cabin service is written come to believe, but not be reflective problem this, combine the attentive observation that come and experience one year however, to passenger of this high end the service puts forward to praise.

Passenger of star of to bring up writes in the letter: "After the informal discussion from last year, I improve a circumstance in the service that pays close attention to you all the time, I take this paragraph of time 8 times early or late your airliner goes there and back at Beijing and Chengdu, feel in cabin wholesome, cabin serves a process to wait apparently, the service that is high-end guest especially had greater progress, a few undesirable phenomena in the past are eliminated gradually. Take CA1405 airliner this, the service that Lu Wenchao grows by Wu gives me feeling very deep, active inquiry serves demand and ask for opinion and proposal for many times, although I sit in tourist class, experienced the service quality of first-class stateroom cabin however. "

After undertaking have an informal discussion with passenger of star of to bring up last year, ministry of service of cabin of boat southwest branch is opposite the country the opinion of passenger of star of to bring up gives height takes seriously, fulfil the requirement that boat leads the country and deploy seriously, come one year, adopt multinomial measure, from detail proceed with passenger of promotion high end serves quality, if two cabin essence refines formulate,serve 30 bagatelle, edit education of the CIP service program, member that add Mahayana Wu grooms strength. The to the country cabin of boat southwest branch serves passenger of ministry high end to serve quality to undertake praising speech in letter of passenger of star of to bring up still has a lot of, also include to wait for to table a proposal to system of the entertainment on machine among them, sufficient body reveals pair of countries the deep love of boat. Cabin of boat southwest branch serves the country the ministry serves passenger of further innovation high end the concept, passenger of promotion high end serves a level, not the deep love of disappoint passenger, promotion of the boat that it is a country serves brand competition ability to make larger contribution.
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