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Boat Xinjiang branch makes cabin ministry hard south brand-new service figure

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To promote Na Hang the service of share Xinjiang branch character gets used to high-end passenger demand, reflect the humanitarian consideration of passenger of the cabin such as company correct, official cabin adequately, raise steward to serve level, basis " flight steward trains outline " requirement of course of training of cabin of official business of first-class stateroom cabin, on December 18, branch of boat share Xinjiang grooms south the center invites the senior teacher that multiply Wu from headquarters of Na Hang Guangzhou especially to cabin ministry 51 steward are carried out groom.

Groom this combine local type with theory and practice photograph cent period undertakes, installed in all " service of first-class stateroom cabin, official cabin is normative, standard of introduction of program of meal knowledge, wine water knowledge, service, service is operated " wait for course. The major that makes through grooming student masters cabin of official business of first-class stateroom cabin adequately serves knowledge and skill, hold assessment through strict theory and fact finally, get cabin of official business of first-class stateroom cabin to serve a qualification, promotion cabin serves character. Make a passenger deep be experienced " Chinese southern aviation, the home in your sky " concept of this one service, what show warmth of branch of Xinjiang of Na Hang share, Shu Xin adequately to serve for the passenger is brand-new figure.

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Photography: Du Shaoyong

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