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Discount air ticket booking is also available this month to catch the last trai

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Yesterday, reporters learned from the public with the Aviation Authority, began in late January next year, ticket prices will rise sharply; In addition, the New Year period as well as some popular route fare increase. Bridge Airport ticketing staff, told reporters that the spring is 2 months before the aviation market, the traditional low season, the airline passenger traffic for the annual update will reduce fares to attract more visitors. Last month, the domestic airlines in the introduction of many new routes, have thrown special fares to increase l oad factor, Taizhou, 210 yuan to Guangzhou, the lowest fares, as long as 187 yuan to Shanghai, Taizhou, ... ... part of the ticket price than the train also cheap. It is understood that this month Taizhou to Guangzhou, Kunming, Qingdao, there are 2 to 4 discount airline tickets for sale, cheap stocks surge expected to continue until late January next year. However, the staff, Taizhou to Beijing, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Wuhan and other lines, due to fewer flights, higher load factor, airlines introduced the basic discount rate of 5 to 8 fold, "low tide" did not significantly affect the these lines. New Year's day, from Taizhou flights departing from the original 11 down to 9. "Judging from previous years, mostly during the small holiday flights out to Taizhou more, but less local out." Members of the public with a responsible person of the Aviation Authority is expected to start in late January of next year, from Taizhou hair to ticket prices across the country will show a clear upward trend. "Intends to return home by air New Year, may wish to 20-35 days in advance booking, may be able to provide more favorable to the ticket." The official said, the spring each year, train hard to get a ticket, many people choose to fly back home, now a mid to late next year, passengers on flights this month, even higher than the query, "New Year's Eve before and after a week is the peak travel period, when the route is expected to ticket prices will rise to the highest.
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