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AVIC start of the first "China Aviation News Awards"

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October 22, China Aviation Industry Corporation released the first "China Aviation News Awards" awards announcement. In order to fully demonstrate China's aviation industry for 60 years the process of reform and development, promotional development of new aviation industry highlights, breakthroughs and new progress in the field of dissemination of advanced air personalities and deeds of universal knowledge of aviation, particularly China Aviation Industry Corporation for National The Chinese news media launched a selection of activities in aviation news. "China Aviation News Awards" will take every single set first prize, second prize, third prize of a selection of the way, excellent work on the particular decision by the jury, can add a special prize, and the actual Award of Excellence established a number of cases. By then, some of the aircraft industry will be invited to participate in the 2010 winners of the Eighth China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (and the Zhuhai Air Show) media day in the aircraft industry, and presented at the meeting, "China Aviation News Award" certificate and prize money. It is reported that this campaign was the recommendation submitted to the time of October 22 -11 3 May. Requires candidates must be original work and planning, and strong social influence, published date of November 1, 2008 to September 2010 for the first time published, broadcast 30. Selected work categories, including: newspapers, news agencies participating works; radio stations, television stations and online media projects PARTICIPATING PARTICIPATING project.
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