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U.S. airlines start price war in the fall sale discount tickets

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July 16, 2010 News: Delta Airlines (Delta Air Lines Inc.) Announced its ticket prices fall marketing plans, industry experts expected that the major airlines will follow suit. This summer and holiday travel plans is good news for passengers. "This is more than we usually see at a discount to early autumn, discounts than we expected a little more." sites Terry Pooler (Terry Trippler) said. "Look, take a look at how it was. The next 10 days, more airlines may launch discount airline tickets." Delta Air Lines in the Star Tribune Web site page with the fall of the U.S. propaganda of lowering the price of Minneapolis to Chicago O'Hare Airport is $ 118 round-trip fare to Tampa $ 228 round-trip fare. Terry Maple said, Sun City Airlines (Sun Country) quickly announced a series of bargains in the fall. "Some things they saw, but did not like. They want all the passengers of these flight passengers. The discount will allow flights were full." Terry Pooler explained. Lee (Lee) and Glen (Glen Stadler) is very pleased to hear the news of the upcoming price war. Glen is so purchase Phoenix describes his ticket to Minneapolis, "This year looks to be a big leap." Glenn's wife, Lee Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport, picked up the couple's luggage, said: "When you came to this city, of course, want a discount ticket. Because you do not want to spend all your money on the ticket, you want to do other things. " Terry Maple said the business travel industry is not as large as analysts expected a rebound, so airlines try to open a potential market for leisure travelers. He said that if you book flights in autumn, be sure to take into account taxes, surcharges and baggage fees.
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