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Chengdu double because rainstorm shuts 3 hours,shed the airport

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Power cut of cut off the water supply of the city zone of bamboo of each district continous

22 days of evening and 23 days of evening, continous bamboo city suffers strong thunderstorm weather to make a surprise attack continuously, arrive 24 days in the morning 11 when, precipitation of continous bamboo urban district already amounted to 161.3 millimeter, chinese flourishing precipitation 152.4 millimeter, tall landscape precipitation exceeds 200 millimeter, be this city is the strongest since this summer thunderstorm weather.

Thunderstorm weather makes cut off the water supply of the city zone of continous bamboo city, power cut, cable television is interrupted, rural power failure. As a result of power cut of works of continous bamboo water, cause water circumfluence, affected water quality, tap water cannot be used temporarily, can use fire engine and tank car to send water only.

Because be in the brim area that this Sichuan strong rainfall takes, epicentral short of Wenshui River plain county did not appear rainstorm weather. (Xinhua News Agency)

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