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Chengdu double because rainstorm shuts 3 hours,shed the airport

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Yesterday (24) day, double shed the airport to shut time to be as long as 3 many hours, caused incur loss through delay of airliner of harbor of 108 pass in and out, 14 airliners are forced to cancel, midway returns to base have 4 airliners, fall fully the airliner amount of circumjacent airport amounts to 29, cause nearly 7000 to leave a port the passenger stays in the airport. Discharged flew to the 3U8731 airliner of Guangzhou the first times 10:13 in the morning; 10:43, double shed the airport to return to normal in the round. (Article of Lv Junming introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad strong acid)

Railway station of colliery of electric power bank restores power supply

Yesterday (24) day, infrequent and unusual thunderstorm weather caused certain influence to Sichuan electrified wire netting, tripping operation of a few line, partial user is differred with report the influence of degree. The course saves power company main rush to repair, the 220 kilovolt circuitry of tripping operation already returned to normal move, other damage circuitry is in rush to repair. Among them the principal user such as bank, colliery, railway station, waterworks

Already restored power supply entirely. (Be like jade-like stone admire)

Flood prevention Chengdu is urgent the flood prevention that start beforehand case

Yesterday (zero hour of 24) day before dawn is made, flood prevention of the Chengdu City does the urgent flood prevention that start beforehand case, by handle to the standard of rainstorm greatly. Flood prevention of the Chengdu City does relevant controller to say, this is the strongest rainfall since entering flood this year, but water level is all the time under flood line water level. Yesterday morning at 10 o'clock, 9 bridges achieve 2 meters of much top water level, but line leaving flood still differs 1 meter many. After rain stops, water level shows downtrend, because this rainfall still does not have an end, balata dam, clough still is in unlock condition. (Be like jade-like stone admire)

Department of Transportation divides train withdrawn from schedule or behind schedule

Yesterday (24) day, train of Chengdu station share appears stop carry or behind schedule. Chengdu, wide yuan 758, Chengdu, general aid 7404 train withdrawn from schedule, chengdu, Fuzhou K390 second, Chengdu, Geermu 1048, Chengdu, Zhengzhou 1098, Chengdu, Xi'an 2130, treasure all appears into directional number behind schedule circumstance. (Chen Yaqin)
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