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Behind schedule of many times of airliner counts airport of the center austral B

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Yesterday (24) day, airport of the center austral Beijing behind schedule of many times of airliner, hundreds passenger stops. Airport respect explains, behind schedule is to suffer weather influence, plane hold the incur loss through delay of before one time of airliner that fly. Many stop passenger doubt, why didn't the airport inform ahead of schedule.

Yesterday 16 when, hundreds passenger stops to await machine building in airport of the center austral Beijing inside, the information desk is stuck have two announcements, say to fly to two times of airliners of Chongqing and Guangzhou, as a result of before station plane evening arrives, cause plane incur loss through delay, predict takeoff time is waited for calm.

Passenger plum gentleman says, he is taken surely formerly yesterday 13 when the KN2937 that flies to Huhhot 35 minutes second airliner. 13 when make, he already did to board the plane to the airport formalities, but until after deciding takeoff time to pass formerly, the airport just informs " the plane still is in Guangzhou " .

After waiting for nearly 2 half hours, about a hundred passenger just ascends a plane, the passenger that still stops oppugns the airport to did not inform incur loss through delay ahead of schedule in succession.

Staff member of information desk of airport of the center austral Beijing explains, suffer weather influence, the plane stands before not

Can on schedul takes off, cause many airliner behind schedule, because belong to temporarily incur loss through delay, the airport fails to inform a passenger ahead of schedule. He still expresses, the passenger that suffers influence of airliner behind schedule can go to the place that buy a ticket return a ticket.

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