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The airport " surround " spaceflight expert awaited engine office to become medi

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Yesterday (24) day afternoon, spaceflight the expert of 5 courtyards flies to fine valley to close from Shanghai, the god that toward wine spring emissive base attends to be about to undertake now before 7 emissive jobs. This message is informed by a few reporters of spring of quarter at wine, to obtain skill material, drive toward the airport " surround " expert.

Experts former on yesterday afternoon 5 when make fly to fine valley to close from Shanghai, encounter local air traffic control without expect, airliner behind schedule 2 many hours, this can suffer from the reporters that get the message comes round to interview.

Afternoon 4 when make, the reporter hurries to fine valley to close the airport. The airport of more general city wants this airport dimensions a lot of smaller, await there are many people already inside machine hall. The inquiry before going up is informed is the media person of the same trade that comes from Hubei, Shandong, Hunan. Original, spaceflight 5 courtyards expert seizes the opportunity from Xi'an afternoon 5 when make the message that hurries to fine valley to close disappear without trace, to be grabbed the reporters of skill information hurried to the airport early, preparation is inside limited time " surround " expert. Doing not have those who think of is, below

Midday 5 when make, the airliner did not arrive tardy. Airport respect informs, xi'an place encounters air traffic control, bring about airliner behind schedule two many hours. "Two many hours, still have other plan which have time to write? " groan in a few reporters when, had begun to the reporter opened the jotter that carries to began to work. Temporarily, many 20 media reporters will await machine hall to regard as " temporarily media center " , interview write for a magazine through all sorts of channel.

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