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Project of 95 fire control becomes Zhuhai airport the window that safe audit wor

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Recently, by bureau of Chinese civil aviation (Civil Aviation Administration Of China, the following abbreviation " civil aviation bureau " ) bureau the safe audit team that hold water, to Zhuhai 3 kitchen airport (abbreviation " Zhuhai airport " ) the safe audit that undertook by a definite date 6 days is special the job. Finish safe audit task to assist Zhuhai airport, group of airport of detachment of Zhuhai fire control expedites person specially assigned for a task to be in charge of, assisted Zhuhai airport actively to pass safe audit work smoothly, this indicates the airport is in a Zhuhai conform with international standard further on safety administration, integrated safety ensured ability to go up again a brand-new step.

Zhuhai airport regards the premise of development as safety from beginning to end, will secure job is put in the first place. In recent years the safety of ceaseless and shirt-sleeve inland and Hong Kong manages a concept, the culture connotation with positive innovation around " safe, sincere letter, character, environmental protection " viewpoint of value of this one core and " be dedicated to becoming Chinese airport to manage example " ideal, build a department

The administrative system such as the battalion carry of all, service, according to international top-ranking standard improved safety to ensure establishment and passenger service flow. Basis of civil aviation bureau " civil airport runs safety administration to set " (191 order) , established special safe audit group, undertake to Zhuhai airport at coming 16 days on September 10 safe audit works.

In the safe audit work of Zhuhai airport, fire control shares 95 projects, became a grand opera. In project of administration of fire control safety because involve other relevant section is much, enclothe a face wide, administrative administrative levels is high, working difficulty is great, need undertakes many harmony works. Work to finish audit on time, detachment of Zhuhai fire control takes seriously for this height, elaborate organization, airport group leader is communicated with Zhuhai airport for many times, talk things over, active and active had done check data, calm plan, do the safe audit such as the plan to prepare the job, before team of audit of civil aviation bureau comes, finished equipment of Zhuhai airport fire control purchase newer, use 2, 3 kinds rectify and reform capital 950 thousand yuan buy a fire engine, raised standard of equipment of airport fire control. Pass the safe audit of team of audit of safety of civil aviation bureau smoothly for Zhuhai airport, established solid base.

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