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The International Airport already obtained appropriate of Singapore camphor tree

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Appropriate of Singapore camphor tree International Airport (abbreviation " airport of camphor tree appropriate " ) be gotten on by the coronal once more " the first airport of world " and " optimal and duty-free airport " beautiful praise.

Airport of camphor tree appropriate is in since 1988 " business travel " (England / European edition) (Business Traveller) the magazine is obtained in reader investigation all the year round judge for " the first airport of world " , later pick a coronal 21 years continuously. This year also is it obtains magazine choosing the 7th times to be " optimal and duty-free airport " .

The Asia-Pacific edition of the magazine is successive also the 11st " the first airport of world " pass an imperial examination 17 " optimal and duty-free airport " honor promulgates airport of camphor tree appropriate.

Bureau of Singapore civil aviation (Civil Aviation Authority Of Singapore, abbreviation " Singapore civil aviation bureau " ) director Lin Jinchun is attributed to achievement associate of airport retail trade and all airport working personnel. He expresses: "To airport of camphor tree appropriate, wanting the appeal that maintains pair of international shopper is a classics

Long constant challenge, be aimed at the business affairs passenger with those quite high demands especially, they are having comparative to be savoured high, and very tall also to consuming the requirement of character. And very tall also to consuming the requirement of character..

Camphor tree has 230 shopkeeper inn and 110 meal inn at present inside appropriate airport.

Add these 4 award, airport of camphor tree appropriate has obtained 17 award this year.

Lin Jinchun also expresses, airport of camphor tree appropriate won't be complacent because of existing honor, can continue hard to be offerred for the client more admirable shop reach meal to enjoy.

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