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Shenzhen airport answers plane of typhonic discrepancy condition, passenger line

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This net dispatch (reporter: Betray? Nong Bin) the forecast according to atmosphere branch, this year the 14th strong typhoon " black case is compared " assault the front Guangdong at 24 days, "Black case is compared " have intensity strong, mobile the characteristic with fast, big range. To ensure airliner and passenger are safe, shenzhen airport airport and harbour respect stop discrepancy condition plane, passenger liner in succession, answer a typhoon to affect ahead of schedule. Checkpoint of frontier defence of condition of Shenzhen airport discrepancy discloses, up to 23 days afternoon 16: 00, airport respect, the FD3622 of airliner of the AK88 that already cancelled kuala lumpur of late come-and-go Malaysia 23 days, AK89 and come-and-go Thailand Bangkok, FD3623, add up to 4 orders; Harbour (blessing always dock) respect, the airliner of all discrepancy condition after 5 o'clock has been cancelled afternoon, involve each 2 orders of Macao going there and back and Hong Kong airport among them, add up to airliner of 4 discrepancy condition. Current, concerned branch is not right still whether does plane of condition of 24 days of discrepancy, passenger liner cancel to make a decision.
According to Shenzhen airport checkpoint of discrepancy condition frontier defence discloses, this typhoon " black case is compared " the influence nots allow small inspect, from eye antecedent condition looks, as " black case is compared " approach gradually, basis before strong typhoon will raid experience, airport and harbour respect can appear necessarily large area airliner cancels the phenomenon with incur loss through delay. For this, station of check of Shenzhen airport edge reminds passenger of broad discrepancy condition, nearly a few days take plane or condition of passenger liner discrepancy from Shenzhen airport, answer to understand place to take an airliner to whether wait for pertinent information normally ahead of schedule; Get the airliner is had no cancel or after the message of incur loss through delay, the passenger also should go out as early as possible, avoid road to jam bring about miss an airliner.
Station of check of Shenzhen airport edge expresses at the same time: This station already was started prevent a typhoon beforehand case, pay close attention to typhonic trends closely, fulfil actively " add liberal principle ahead of schedule " wait for a system, adjust check to put time and passageway amount at any time according to passenger flow circumstance. Arrive to evening passenger, this station will be offerred " be late avoid a platoon " service; To the passenger that airliner incur loss through delay arrives at, this station also will assure enough alarm force, ensure 24 hours are connected close a service.

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