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International Airport of Hangzhou Xiao Shan from the passenger " demand " improv

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To a lot of to International Airport of Hangzhou Xiao Shan (abbreviation " Hangzhou airport " ) for the passenger that takes an airliner, a when happen recently " unexpected thing " brought to them not small " surprise " : One invests nearly 4 million yuan, the modern waiting room that covers an area of 600 square metre is in await machine building inside enable formally, the passenger issued a plane 8 cities that can arrive at Hangzhou periphery through regular bus of ground special railway line for a short while, clearing through traffic came true " without aperture " butt joint.

"This is Hangzhou airport is improved in recent years merely, an act that promotes a service quality. " Huang Weilin of this airport general manager expresses. He points out, hangzhou airport failed 2007 cavalcade of civilized airport of selected whole nation, caused up and down in the company very big shake, because although the airport is carried in recent years,this explains,maintained high speed growth, but on software service with domestic and international a lot of airport photographs are compared lagged behind however, must face up to difference and inadequacy, bravery comes out of the feeling of shame.

Improve, promotion service quality is a systematic project,

Just crossed world-class to for the Hangzhou airport of busy airport cavalcade, its " breach " where be? Huang Weilin says, regard Chinese civil aviaton as first whole external joint-stock airport, hangzhou airport improves service quality to want to have new concept, this concept sets out from client demand namely will improve service quality, what is the client's demand, be about to offer the service that counterpart is worth somewhat. Understand the client's demand truly only, offer the service that has specific aim, the client just is met satisfactory.

Last year July, hangzhou airport attends activity of appraise through comparison of ASQ of International Airport association formally, every quarter begins this activity. For this, hangzhou airport undertakes questionnaire is investigated every months serving quality, from come-and-go airport vehicle, jockey collect fees, the latency time that install check, meal collects fees, the 34 content one by one such as closet Bao Jie hits cent, this one science, objective, just service quality evaluates a standard, improved service quality to offer for Hangzhou airport consult. On airport hardware establishment, hold water before long await machine building to manage a ministry from bagatelle makes: Investment undertook many yuan 300 be transforminged thoroughly to closet, crouch increase 120 by 32 of in the past, satisfied the passenger's demand adequately, solved on the question with difficult toilet; Increase 9 cold heat to water continuously establishment, 24 hours open freely to the passenger; Investment adds outfit segregation belt many yuan 10 before 13 automatic staircase, and paste caution catchphrase, raise the security of passenger fluctuation staircase; Removed as mobile as Chinese telecommunication, China collaboration this year in August, in await the implementation inside machine building to be enclothed completely wireless get online; Parking space increases 2200, pass the night jockeys execute half price to collect fees...
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