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Security of the airport that face dark blue guards the job preliminary through a

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Guard a level to raise safety of aviation of the airport that face dark blue further, recently, by management board of southwest of Chinese civil aviation (abbreviation " management board of civil aviaton southwest " ) , safety of civil aviaton Yunnan supervises administrative office (the following abbreviation " Yunnan is superintended do " ) and Sichuan Chengdu pair the department of audit of aviation security personnel that sheds the airport to install check branch to comprise is combined, whether do each respects that guard a program to safety of civil aviation of this airport executive country accord with the audit work that asked to undertake by a definite date 5 days.

After audit team is listening to safety of aviation of the airport that face dark blue to guard a circumstance to report, 125 subentry undertook 10 when involve safety to guard the job big projects such as flow of the moving circumstance of facilities of safe to the airport facilities, work serious audit, gave sufficient affirmation to facing security of dark blue airport to guard the job.

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